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Scope of services

The scope of services includes the design and planning of supporting structures, planning of overhaul and rehabilitation, providing expert valuation reports for timber engineering, maintaining guidance for research contracts and development of building systems.

We assist you from the very beginning starting with discussing the options that arise from the specific conditions of individual building projects over the analysis up to the design and planning.

The early cooperation with architects and all concerned engineers allows us to design economical supporting structures in consideration of the architectural demands. Such an early cooperation at the beginning of the planning ensures the development of economical and high-quality supporting structures.

In detail our scope of services includes: 

  • Structural engineering in solid, steel and wooden structure
  •  Planning of overhaul and rehabilitation of existing buildings and historic constructions
  • Draft and constructions of towers and bridges in wood
  • Several valuation reports (conversion i.e.)
  • Expert valuation reports for wood and wooden bridge constructions
  • Cost planning, structural design, tendering, implementation planning and quality assurance (Fire, thermal, acoustic and moisture protection)
  • Development of building systems and research assignments