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Passive house in Delhoven

The one family detached house in the beautiful new development area of Dormagen is eye-catching. It is fascinatingly different and representative. Its unusual details inspire to have a closer look at this passive construction house.

photorealistische Darstellung des Passivhauses

While planning the house we quickly became aware that it would not meet the high demands of the builder if we constructed it in a traditional way (made of stone and with a saddle roof). Instead, we decided to adjust and optimise the building volume, the material selection and the façade structure in detail according to the passive construction. This turned out to be the right decision: The passive house standard conditions were even exceeded. There is no need for heating, only a bio-ethanol chimney was built-in to underline the high comfort of the home. The shell construction made from solid cross laminated timber elements not only increases the living quality but also turned out to be an economical advantage. The façade construction makes the architecture and the art of the structural planning of this passive house stand out from the rest. We were able to meet and even exceed the builder’s demands.

The intensive cooperation with all concerned persons was the main contributor to this success. The passive house in Delhoven shows that ecological and sustainable constructions do not conflict with a modern and exceptional architecture.

Stegträger der Dachtragkonstruktion,
Südfassade im Rohbau,
Brettsperrholzwand im Obergeschoss